make what count?

no doubt, the video titled “make it count” was cool. it was nicely done.

it had all kinds of editing techniques. the cutting was great. the slow mo jump was awesome too. good use of point of view shots here and there.

but at the end of the day, it didn’t have a more profound message. i mean the message: make it count, wasn’t really that clear and impactful.

the quotes were great. but it just had something missing. perhaps it was the fact the footage on screen didn’t really reflect what the quotes meant? that “action expresses priorities” quote from gandhi, was kinda unrelated, i initially thought, but then it made me realize that these guys were just putting up whatever random quote that fit.

compared to another viral travel video from a few years back, “where the hell is matt”, this one lacked sincerity, that willingness to connect with the people of the world. the matt dancing clips showed the real joy, of matt interacting with people from over the world, celebrating us — the fact we’re not that different. the simple act of matt dancing from place to place, surrounded by joyful people , made us laugh, simle and perhaps and a little teary.

this one on the other hand, had smugness written all over it — case in point, the casey guy was complaining about the “gnarly” airplane meals. at one point he even whined about the highway signs being in “squiggly lines”. obviously he didn’t get the memo that rest of the world do not speak english — nor do they have to.


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