The Birth of a Music Station


Last year I bought a portable turntable, and for a long time, I didn’t find a good place to put it. There was a corner in the living room which could be the perfect spot for the record player. But there was one problem: there lacked a table/stand that was:

A. Small enough to fit in the corner without blocking the pathway

B. Tall enough so that the turntable user does not have to bend down

C. Has space and shelving below the tabletop, so that records can be stored there

smalltableBlog2Knowing that I had some leftover wood from another project, I measured up the living room corner. Then I came up with these quick and rough drawings to visualize what I had in mind. After that I was off to the races and started to gather up tools and materials.

smalltableBlog3These pieces of wood in the picture are actually leftovers from this turntable project.

I got my pencil, ruler handy and marked down the saw points. This was tricky as imprecise measurements could cause trouble down the road. Then I used my trusty circular saw and cut out the pieces. Next I drilled small holes for the screws and then connected the pieces. (My apologies, I didn’t document the process here.)

After that I sanded down the wood surface to get it smooth and easy to touch . This should have been done prior to assembling the pieces. Sanding is much harder when pieces are assembled.

After the pieces have been assembled and sanded down, I applied a wood filler to the holes and even areas on the surface, then waited for it to dry. After drying, I applied two layers of primer and dark paint, leaving half a day for each layer to dry before the next one.



Here’s the finished turntable stand.
It fits quite perfectly in the corner. The curved bottom cutout fits the floor vent opening as well.


smalltableBlog5Here’s the music station in action. It:

A. Plays awesome grooves

B. Allows easy access and clear visibility to the collection of records

C. Keeps the “now playing” LP cover and sleeve on the shelf right below the top

D. Stores a nice twelve pack at the bottom


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