4 Years. 199 Hires. Not a Single One Left.

This talk is about how to keep people happy at work and get productive in a tech startup setting — making work a thing you’d enjoy and love.

My key takeaways are:
1. Experience design permeates everything. Focus on the experience is the key to success in everything. This is a great example of experience design for an organization. Reframing the employee, business organization experience does away with many of the traditional constraints/problems. There are way more things to explore in this.
2. Always bootstrap first — seek to be profitable from day one. The goal should be focused on contributing to the world / solving a problem — making something better, something that people would pay for, that you can make / provide.
3. Don’t listen to the users. Like Henry ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Users are likely wrong, in most instances.

Tech companies do a generally poor job at keeping employees from leaving.

There are plenty of reasons for this: competing offers, unhappiness, and just generally itchy feet. Because of this, sometimes it’s difficult to focus on building a strong culture of company solidarity, particularly when you’re trying to juggle the hundreds of other needs of a growing business.

This is a talk about keeping people.


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